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5 Best N64 Games Ever Made

Posted by | setembro 12, 2019

by Amanda Braun

N64 stands for Nintendo 64 and it was released on September the 26th of 1996 in North America. Soon it became the console to own and play. The real question is which games were the best. This is our mission and the answers are mentioned below. Today you can simply download Nintendo 64 ROMs and play them on your PC or even a smartphone.

1.  WinBack
WinBack is probably the first game of its kind and the one that has been extremely popular since the launch. In the game, you will lead Jean-Luc Cougar, an anti-terrorism officer who has to retrieve a powerful laser-based weapon from a terrorist organization known as Crying Lions. The game is based on stealth gameplay, offers great graphics for the time and has countless missions which are impressive.

The game is also addictive and will keep you busy for hours. It is the best due to the fact the gameplay allowed you to sneak, attack enemies and stay stealth and so much more.

2.  Star Wars: Rogue Squadron
So why this game is on our list? For two reasons. The first one you have the ability to fly an X-wing and the second is you will fly as Luke Skywalker himself! All of this should help you understand the potential the game offers and all the essentials you can get. In addition, there are 16 levels to complete and yes you will lead all the fighters.

The game is fast-paced, offers plenty of controls and customizations possible and it will reward you with a feeling of accomplishment. It was the first game to offer all of that in a single package.

3.  Resident Evil 2
Resident Evil 2 was actually developed for Sony PlayStation 1 but it was successfully ported to N64 without loss of features or graphics. This meant that the game was even better. As a player, you would be able to lead Claire Redfield or a police officer known as Leon Kennedy.

In the game, you would be placed in Raccoon City and your mission was to defeat zombies, solve many puzzles and to discover what actually happens. Keep in mind that this is a horror game so it requires a lot of nerve to play. Graphics has been known as one of the best back in a day and there were a lot of modern elements such as carefully developed monsters and detailed puzzles.

4.  Donkey Kong 64
Donkey Kong 64 has to be on our list as well. The game is set on DK Island where your friends are kidnapped. Your friends refer to the friends of Donkey Kong. Your mission is to run across the island, solve puzzles and release your friends.

There are a few main things we will have to reveal. The first one is the fact this was the first and only 3D game of the franchise. It was extremely popular and adorable thanks to the gameplay and the list of possibilities. The last, it needed 30 hours to complete which was considered as plenty back in a day.

5.  Super Smash Bros.
The game we have here has to be on any list. It allowed players to choose one of 12 characters available and to fight. You had to play well in order to become the best player and you had to play for a long period of time.

One advantage is the lack of complicated combos. All the combinations are easy to memorize and there are no impossible moves to make.


These 5 games are stunning in the lack of a better word and we consider them as the most influential N64 developments of all times. The best part is the fact you can still play each one, if you want.


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