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Série - Nintendo 64.mp3 (Post 2)

Posted by | janeiro 05, 2011

Olá pessoal, volto hoje pra continuar a série Nintendo64.mp3! Vamos ao segundo post, em um total de 5, fique conosco!

Rasco feat. Planet Asia - Take it Back Home

Focus hard, Yard intellect slang
World wide recognition with the picture in frame
Vocalist, quantum perfect movin motions melodic
Over oceans, overdosing off the cultures of product
Toastin this cut, react jazz cats be slappin glasses
Surrender to the method, yes I've kept it Yard Massive status
Avalanche rap clientele from ambushing
We move quick wit new shit to get the fans pushin
From out the dynast of the School Yard camp
We start gettin the microphone just like two large amps
I'm tellin it, whenever I'm posted with endo to blow
I aim at domes like Double-Oh-Seven, Nintendo 64
James Bond style, secret agent calm bomb threat
Cali merchant, methodist keepin your pom-pom's set
Up in the air like that, this be that black entertainment
And now I got you flashin back on raps that I came with

"Wit swollen pockets, we gon' take it back home" [M.A.R.S.] 2x
"So step up if you wanna keep your rep up"

It be me, Ras the mic grand imperial
Be killin these MC's that pump wack material
Bullshittin, bout to get their heads splitten, for real
When I'm rollin ten steps head to field
I the super dope master quotes
Hit ya'll in throat, be lyrics of wide scope
Go tell your friends, demand the vote
These niggas playahatin, can't make Ras to go
Now, we show em how we elevate
From the gate, Asia plus the Ras, we frustrate
Fantasize, we bringin it live, check the size

Of brothers enterprise, we breakin out the sides
Eyes scan the room, but this two man platoon
All set to meet em at high noon
Does set the blaze, lethal like the sun rays-ac


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